wtorek 14 sierpnia 2018

What is Materials Engineering?

Materials Engineering is a branch of science and technology that stands out by its interdisciplinary character. It utilises the knowledge of fundamental sciences (physics, chemistry and biology). The achievements of technical sciences at the end of the 20th century have proven that many new constructions and solutions were possible only thanks to new materials. Thanks to the development of materials engineering we now have materials that allow to build machines able to work in extreme circumstances (cosmic), to record and transfer enormous amounts of data, or the biomaterials that will be able to replace "used" parts of human organism. The functional features of all objects and devices we use depend on the qualities of materials they were made of, while the qualities of materials depend on their structure which is shaped during the manufacturing process.

Students of Materials Engineering get to know the rights that govern the structure of the matter and their influence on the qualities of materials. They learn the techniques of conscious shaping of materials structure in order to obtain the desired functional features. Qualifications obtained by our students is largely universal i.e. it allows them to find a job in all branches of technology. They can cooperate with constructors while choosing materials in different industry branches (aviation, automotive, electrotechnics etc.) or with technologists by manufacturing and processing of materials. Many of them specialise in advanced materials research necessary not only in industry, but also in forensics or medicine. A thorough basic knowledge and the possibility of shaping one's personal profile in a flexible system of studies provides an opportunity to look for a job in an area that matches their interests. Many graduates remain at the academia as PhD students and subsequently continue their scientific careers in research centres in Poland and abroad. They are well-prepared to this thanks to the many individual trainings abroad during the course of studies. A thorough technical and engineering education also allows to run one's own company, manage an entity or to work in a technical consultancy.

A modern building with rooms fitted with all the necessary audiovisual equipment, laboratories equipped with mostly new, world-class devices – all this is at disposal of our students. We have around 350 stationary and 50 non-stationary students, taught by around 50 academic staff assisted by around 80 PhD students. Together we form a society where students can count on a frequent and direct contact with their teachers, which enables highly individualised studies. The activities of the "Wakans" Science Circle is a proof that materials engineering is really fascinating. The members of “Wakans” can participate in the research activities of the Faculty and then present their achievements during conferences and seminars.

The following works are carried out at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering:

  • science works focused on solving materials problems that exist in industry
  • basic works aimed at getting to know and describing phenomena that occur in materials
  • works focused on the design and synthesis of new materials

It is because of our achievements in these three areas that Polish large industrial plants as well as research and academic centres worldwide have decided to collaborate with us.